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Club Finance

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Rensselaer Union is one of the few student organizations in the country with a student activity fee allocated by a board consisting of only students. The board allocating the Rensselaer Union budget, including Rensselaer Union clubs and organizations, is called the Executive Board, which consists of 15 voting members appointed by, and presided over, by the President of the Union. 

Below is information regarding budgeting guidelines and procedures, as well as downloadable forms. For more information on the Student Activity Fee and the Union Annual Report, visit Rensselaer Union Finance


Executive Board Proposals

Please use this form, with the needed documentation attached, to submit a proposal to the Executive Board for either funding or approval for a new program.


Budgeting Guidelines

Each December and January, the Executive Board reviews administrative and funded club budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. Each year clubs are asked to review current budget guidelines to aid them in crafting a thoughtful budget adhering to present policy set forth by the Executive Board. 

Union Club and Organization Policies and Guidelines. 

Requisition form for download 


Club Travel

Rensselaer Union clubs who travel for competitions and events must follow specific rules and fill out forms in advance of their travel. If your club travels, please review Club Travel guidelines prior to scheduling travel.



Additional forms (listed below) can be accessed in the Administration Office. 

Club Purchasing Bid Sheet
RCS Guest Account
Referee Payment
Reimbursement Form
Student Payroll Authorization
Union Purchase Request Form


Resources for Help

Contact the SARP for your student organization. Additional questions may be directed to Rensselaer Union Finance.