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All student organizations at Rensselaer may have questions that need answers regarding how to navigate RPI when it comes to room reservations, event insurance, travel, and more. Here are some resources for students to utilize while managing their student organization.



After taking the time to plan an event from start to finish, you'll want to make sure people attend your event. Learn about different avenues available for promoting your campus event by selecting Marketing under Services in the main menu. 


Club Management System (CMS)

CMS is the system utilized to organize student clubs. Add students to clubs, create club mailing lists, and add new officers. Find detailed instructions here

CMS also has a budget systems to allow clubs to create budgets. To learn how to create a budget watch this.

Club webhosting instructions can be found here.

Mailing List FAQ can be found here.


Club Landing Page

The club landing page provides students with a brief description of the organization as well as information about the meeting times, meeting locations, and officers.

Inquiries about an existing page or creating a new page can be submitted on the Support Center Ticket System.


Event Coordination

Events take pre-planning, coordination, and promotion. Access a program planning guide that contains processes and suggestions on how to plan a successful event.


Facility Reservations

Rensselaer Union and RPI Athletics launched Virtual Event Management System in Fall 2014. To view available facilities, including meeting rooms, practice fields, and event spaces, visit For instructions on how to use EMS, visit Facility Reservations.

Download an instructional PDF



Each Rensselaer Union club that receives a budget from the Rensselaer Union Executive Board must have a business manager, treasurer or other member in charge of club finance. Find helpful budgeting information and historical documents by selecting Club Finance under the Clubs tab in the main menu. 


Leadership Development

Club leaders and future leaders have opportunities available to them to develop their leadership skills through Rensselaer Union programming and programs run through the Archer Center. Find out more about Leadership Development opportunities for student organizations.



Regardless of what department, division, or group recognizes a club, each club needs to register with the institute. Rensselaer Union keeps an updated list of registered student organizations. Clubs recognized by the Rensselaer Union, RPI Greek Life, on campus departments (academic and non-academic), are listed on the Rensselaer Union website after successfully registering with Rensselaer. To register your organization, fill out the online form and email a club logo to

*Registration for the Activities Fair will register you for the 2017-2018 academic year


Starting A Club

Starting a club at Rensselaer is different depending on numerous factors. Find out more about how to start a club recognized by Rensselaer Union by referencing online materials and then stopping in to talk to a Student Activities staff member.


Student Activities Resource Person (SARP)

Rensselaer Union clubs are each assigned a Student Activities Resource Person, or SARP. A SARP is a staff member assigned to clubs as a resource of institute knowledge and policy. These individuals may serve in an official capacity guiding students through paperwork, in addition, SARPs may act as advisors to student organizations, providing a sounding board to help student groups flush out new ideas and provide insight to best practices.

Though student groups outside of Rensselaer Union may not be assigned a SARP, student organizations registered with the institute may still seek out these individuals for help and guidance from Rensselaer Union staff. To get help from a SARP, email



Any club sports team or other Rensselaer Union organization budgeted to travel to competitions and events will need to follow Club Travel guidelines to successfully travel and receive reimbursement allotted within their club budget.


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