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Club Travel

Club Travel Guidelines

Clubs who are allocated travel funds from Rensselaer Union are required to follow specific steps in order to use funds and be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses approved by the Executive Board.

Clubs must always receive prior approval from the SARP before scheduling travel. After approval is given from a SARP, students who will be reimbursed after travel must have a Concur profile and authorization. Club members are advised to fill out and submit an Concur authorization form once they know travel will occur to make sure they are able to be reimbursed. Club SARPS sign completed authorization forms prior to forms being submitted. 

When reserving any travel related items (rental cars, hotels, flights, etc.), clubs must contact Direct Travel. All Institute travel is booked through Direct Travel.

To contact Direct Travel, please email

Requisition Forms must be submitted with the information provided by Direct Travel after travel (hotel, airfare, vehicle rental) is booked. Full details and information on how to complete travel requisitions is located in the Club Travel Guide PDF on this page. 

Finally, prior to travel, a Travel Itinerary must be submitted on behalf of the club two business days before the trip. However, groups are encouraged to submit these once all required information is available. 


All club travel requires prior SARP approval. 

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