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Facility Reservations

How to Reserve a Rensselaer Union Facility



Follow the steps below when reserving rooms Rensselaer Union spaces in the Rensselaer Student Union, J Building (large and small practice rooms only), '87 GymAlumni Sport & Recreation Center (Armory), Academy Hall (auditorium & dance studio only), and EMPAC (Studio BETA only).

Step 1: Visit (Down for Maintenance) 

Users will be prompted to enter their RCSID and password. New users will then enter basic information to set up a brief profile. Registered users must log in, then hover over the Reservations icon for drop down menu and click Facility & Room Request.

Step 2: Enter When and Where Your Event is Taking Place

Choose the desired date, time, and facility/room.

For recurring events click Recurrence in the sub-window ensure your desired start and end time are entered. Choose whether the recurrence is daily, weekly, monthly, or random and how often. If the recurrence is random select the days on which it will occur. Finally, choose your end date and click Apply Recurrence.

Step 3: Enter Setup Information

Specify the number of people that will attend (all events should have 1, or more, people attending in order to generate a list of available rooms). Click Find Space to see a list of rooms available

In the generated table you will see the following categories:


This will select the room for the available times and place it under Selected Locations at the top.


This is shown in a fraction format it will tell you if the room is available for all the days requested (4/4) or for only part (2/4). If you would like a specific room and it is not available for one of the days you are requesting, you may select the 
room, a warning notice will pop up making you aware that the space is only available for some of the dates. When you click Ok, the dates the room was available will appear under Selected Locations and a button will generate under the Find Space button that says Search Remaining Dates.


Name of the rooms, you may click on the room name and find out more information about the room including pictures.


This will list the Capacity of the room in its normal arrangement. The room may have other setup options that hold more or less, these can be found by clicking on the Room Name under Location and selecting the Setup Types tab.

To select room, click add button  
Check the box that reads “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions” and then click continue.

Step 4: Enter Event Details

Enter the name of your event to be publicly displayed and the event type that most closely relates to your organization.

Group Details 

You will need to add your group/organization to your profile. Click the magnifying glass next to the drop down menu, type in your  group name to the search box to find your group. Click the green add button next to your group and scroll to the bottom of the  page and click Done. If your group does not exist, select General and note your group name in the Notes section. Once the group  is successfully added, it will appear in the drop down. Select your group in the drop down. 1st Contact - please add your information; enter your name, phone, and RPI e-mail.

A/V Equipment 

Choose any additional A/V equipment needed. (Reminder: the Rensselaer Student Union has installed new equipment in meeting  rooms, please check the room information to see what is permanently installed.)


Step 5: Submit

To complete your request, click SUBMITWhen your request has been confirmed or denied, you will receive an e-mail.


Get started now! Visit to request a room reservation.
Please note that requests are not guaranteed. Wait for your confirmation notice in order to know whether or not you have successfully reserved a room.


Rensselaer Student Union
J Building
Practice Fields
Academy Hall Auditorium & SAR
Studio BETA
The Armory

Request a Room

To begin, visit



Do not submit room requests via email.