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All members of the Rensselaer Union have the right to know where the Activity Fee will be distributed to support the student experience. The Union Annual Report (UAR) was created to increase transparency in the budgeting process and contains information on Union expenses, sources of revenue, and the breakdown of the Activity Fee.

Rensselaer Union is one of the few student organizations in the country with a student activity fee allocated by a board consisting of only students.  The Rensselaer Union budget is allocated by the Executive Board, which is comprised of twenty students presided over by the President of the Union. Executive Board representatives collaborate with club officers throughout the budgeting process to review programs and funding needs. 

Union Annual Report

Each year Rensselaer Union publishes the Union Annual Report (UAR) to inform students how their Activity Fee is being allocated.


Download 2018-2019 UAR: Union Annual Report Fiscal Year 2019

Historical Documents

Download 2017-2018 UAR: Union Annual Report Fiscal Year 2018

Download 2016-2017 UAR: Union Annual Report Fiscal Year 2017

Download 2015-2016 UAR: Union Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016

Download 2014-2015 UAR: Union Annual Report Fiscal Year 2015

Download 2010-2011 UARUnion Annual Report Fiscal Year 2011

Download 2010-2011 UARUnion Annual Report Fiscal Year 2012

Download 2010-2011 UARUnion Annual Report Fiscal Year 2013

Download 2010-2011 UARUnion Annual Report Fiscal Year 2014


Please contact the Union Annual Report Committee or the Student Union Executive Board at with any questions or concerns about the budgeting process, the Executive Board, the UAR, or the Activity Fee.

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

About Rensselaer Union

Rensselaer Union has been the center of student life at RPI since 1890. Rensselaer Union sponsors club activities, leadership, campus-wide programming, performing arts and fitness opportunities for all RPI students.

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Card Access is available at all times. Card swipe doors are located in the ATM lobby (west entrance) and the entrance to Fathers (east entrance).

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